I live in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and had just returned from a delightful holiday trip to see my kids in Florida. But not one decent cup of coffee during the whole trip.

I was craving my Bunn Pour-o-Matic and a fresh pot of freshly ground Colombian coffee. But, as I was soon to find out, it was not to be!

Evidently the “shower head” (spray head) attachment to my trusty brewing buddy had chosen that moment to detach itself from the unit – into two pieces. Thing is, water pours much more rapidly into the brew basket without the screw-on spray head.

Well, after cleaning up a countertop full of hot water and coffee grinds, I tried to re-attach said head. No! “No coffee for you”. So, I raced to the closest discount store – the only one around for 30 miles in these parts – and forced myself to purchase a Mr. (gag) Coffee unit for lack of any Bunn product.

Now I have had a great relationship with Bunn, and knew that with a couple of phone calls or a quick note on the Internet I’d be able to get a replacement spray head. But no such luck this time around. I couldn’t find a parts place anywhere.

So there I sat, drinking this watery beige looking swill that calls itself coffee but isn’t suited to stain the seats of my truck. I wanted my Bunn back!

But, in the meantime, a young lady who helps out around here had taken my Pour-o-Matic to the local Land-o-Fill thinking that it had burned out or had lost it’s will to brew. Gads! I raced to the dump to stop it all. But by the time I got there, I only had time to see my trusty coffee crony get crushed by a giant mound of car parts!

Yes, my trusty Bunn companion had perished beneath a mountain of metal. Gaaaaaahhhh! I screamed not being able to even kiss my sweet Bunn “bye-bye”. Weak java and tepid tea is my fate! Curse the housekeeper…(fade to black).

Anyone out there want to send me a new one? Let me know the replacement charge or shipping amount. I know these are not covered by any kind of coffee insurance but one thing is for sure – I really liked that coffee maker.

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