Fresh roasted coffee!

At Coffee Wholesale USA, we pride ourselves on offering the most delicious coffee available at amazingly low wholesale prices. We call our house brand coffee All Day Gourmet, because we offer
America’s favorite coffee blends — always full-bodied and freshly roasted with low acidity (which means it’s not bitter!). Plus, our ground coffee is 100% pure coffee — no filler here!

We manufacture and offer two delicious varieties: the Classic American Roast or the Bolder Brew. Both are available in large, 2 lb. bags of whole bean or individually-wrapped 1.25 oz. packages (or 1.75 oz if you like it a little stronger), measured perfectly for a standard 12 cup drip brewer.

If you are looking for the dark roasted, nutty and full-bodied taste of Starbucks, I would recommend the Bolder Brew, a stronger and more cost-effective version of your favorite luxury cup of Joe. We make sure that our pillow packs are vacuum sealed. Without air mingling with your coffee grounds, your coffee will stay fresh up to a year!

At the Coffee Wholesale headquarters here in Richmond, VA, we decided to turn a sleepy Tuesday afternoon into a Coffee Wholesale taste test! I was inspired by our discreet packaging; my boyfriend tried some American Roast (black), and although he isn’t a coffee drinker (especially not a black coffee drinker), he was astonished at how such great things could come in small packaging. We use our brand coffee every morning — filling the coffee pot in our breakroom… but very few of us employees actually drink our coffee black. So I gathered my cube-mates (and even a couple execs!) to gather opinions and reviews on Coffee Wholesale’s Classic American Roast. We drank it black and I provided some sweet snacks to accompany this delicious brew. Here goes:

  • Louise: Nice aroma, and surprisingly not bitter at all. I was expecting bitter, but it is quite robust. Very drinkable and doesn’t need creamer. I put creamer in most coffee to neutralize the bitterness and this just doesn’t need it.
  • Brian: It’s a little bit tart, but it’s smooth and a price performer (meaning, you are getting a good quality product at a very low cost). This is a close second to a premium coffee such as illy.
  • Wes: Nice aroma. I can tell it’s a medium roast — not too strong and not watery. It’s a drinkable coffee you could drink all day.
  • Taryn: The packaging is unassuming, so I never expected much and never tried it black. I’m glad I did. This coffee doesn’t need all the sugar and creamer I have been loading it up with. I think I’ll drink it black from now on. It’s not bitter at all. It has little to zero aftertaste.

It is also important to note that all of our coffee is priced wholesale, and the more you buy the lower the price drops (per ounce, for example.) We also offer All Day Gourmet in a variety of flavors and types. Don’t miss out on our Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Breakfast Blend, and we even offer Kona (100% pure) and Jamaican Blue Mountain! Have you ever tried our coffee? If so, do you use it at home or commercially? Which type is your favorite?

After our testing, today has become a little less sleepy…

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