Why should you consider switching to a coffee pod brewing system?  Coffee pods offer an easier, faster, and cleaner alternative to normal ground coffee, without the waste.  Do you:

  • Want coffee that is simple to make, from a machine that requires less cleaning and maintenance?  Coffee pods are designed for ease of use, making coffee available at the press of a button.  Also, they are compatible with semi- and fully-automatic machines that need less cleaning than non-pod based designs, and they eliminate the need for coffee grinders, freeing up counter space and putting an end to noisy grinding.
  • Want coffee that stays fresher, longer?  Coffee pods seal their ingredients in individual foil pouches, preserving the flavors and aroma of the freshly ground beans until the coffee pod is used, without the risk that it will go stale before then.
  • Dislike cleaning up after making a cup of coffee?  With coffee pods, all of the ground coffee is contained within the pods until it goes into your cup, preventing waste and leaving no mess.  You simply remove the empty pod and throw it into the trash when you’re finished.
  • Want quality espresso, every time?  Coffee pods simplify traditional espresso making, using quality ingredients that have been measured out in optimal quantities.  There’s no grinding coffee beans or dosing or tamping the ground coffee, ensuring consistent, quality espresso without the hassle.  Coffee pods bring the art of espresso making to anyone with a coffee pod brewing system.

Coffee pod brewing systems offer a practical alternative to conventional coffee machines without sacrificing taste.  At Coffee Wholesale USA, you’ll find an incredible variety of coffee brewers and pods in a range of delicious blends, at prices you won’t find elsewhere.  Some of what we’re drinking right now… Java One Colombian Supremo, Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut, and Java One Kona Blend.

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