This past summer I worked at Esquires Coffee House in Surrey, B.C. (Canada). It was a place with a really cool atmosphere so guys would always be bringing their girlfriends by for coffee.

One night, a young teenage couple came in and I went to take their order. The girl ordered a mocha and, after squinting at the menu for quite some time, the boy ordered a double shot of espresso.

“Pure espresso?” I asked, just to clarify. He nodded, trying to be all suave and impress the girl he was with.

“I get it all the time.” He flashed a smile.

“Okay…” I said and made their drinks.

Bringing the drinks over to them was the funniest thing because I served the girl a huge bowl-mug topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles and the boy received a tiny 1″ diameter cup filled with a drink that he had obviously never had.

I couldn’t hide my smile as I placed the cups respectively in their places. The boy’s eyes widened in fear of the little cup that had been placed before him as the girl slowly sipped her familiar drink and snickered at him.

“Go ahead- tell me how it is,” I spoke up. He looked at me and smiled, still trying to look as if he drank a few every day. He tipped the cup up to his lips and took a tiny sip. He immediatley spit it out right back into the cup as his face started to make weird, disgusted expressions.

“Actually, I’ll have what she’s having…. this espresso is stronger than I’m used to” he then told me.

I raised my eyebrow at him and took the little cup from the table. “Sure,” was all I had to say as I walked away quickly to conceal my big smile.

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