With a reputation of quality, Cuisinart is an incredible brand with a range of appliances, such as coffee grinders and coffee brewers. Coffee Maker Guide shares my enthusiasm for Cuisinart as they believe that “by the name alone, a Cuisinart coffee maker can already be trusted to perform excellently and to last for a long time.”

Coffee Wholesale USA carries a wide variety of Cuisinart products for both retail and commercial use. For customers that want the premium Cuisinart brand in their home at a low cost, the DCC-450BK is a great option. This 4-cup maker with a dripless pour spout includes an incredible 3-year warranty. While this model is great for the home, it is also frequently used in hotels and RV’s.

For the commercial customer, the Cuisinart Conical Burr CBM-18N is a great option. With a heavy duty motor, 18 different coffee grind size settings, and a backlit LCD display showing a countdown timer and grind settings, the CBM-18N is great for coffee shops, convenience stores, or heavy home use.

For the best Cuisinart prices on the web, visit Coffee Wholesale USA or call a customer service representative at 1-866-570-0498.

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