Years ago, as a young new teacher, I helped at parents’ night by filling and pouring coffee and tea from two large silver (fancy ones – that’s probably why I got in trouble) tea pots.

Unfortunately, it was a boring task, which is always my excuse to think about something else, and I totally lost track of which pot was which. I topped both pots off before realizing that I had created two pots, both with a mix of coffee AND tea.

Since school coffee is NOTORIOUSLY bad, it didn’t seem that big a deal, so I asked people if they wanted “Toffee” or “Clea” just because it was fun to watch the look on their faces (remember I was bored).

But the joke was on me. They obediently got their cups filled, walked off drinking and eating the equally bad cookies, and never knew the difference. Maybe it improved the sorry lot!

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