Yap, yap, yap: “I want my coffee now!” And as we all anxiously awaited, still wakening from the night’s sleep, my Aunt Merle went through the steps to brew us all that first pot of morning coffee. Sally continued to mutter in a low growl – “C’mon, is it coffee yet?”

Yes, Sally was hooked on caffeine. A true caffeine addict. Never mind she was a dog. A pint-sized, blonde Chihuahua at that. Sally was a member of the family. And she drank her coffee just like everybody else – at the kitchen table. Her hind legs carefully perched on Aunt Merle’s lap, with her front paws straddling either side of her cafeteria style coffee cup that rested near the table’s edge.

Yes, cream and sugar was the order of the morning coffee ritual. Sally never drank it black – ever. Two cups was the usual, then it was off to the races. Whoever was ready to play: fetch, tug-of-war with the towel…well, you get the idea. Then, the same scenario unfolded after her afternoon nap, and yet another cup of coffee.

Sally’s daily coffee ritual continued until she was well past the age of 15 (how many Lorne Greene years is that, anyway?). Of course her age eventually reduced both the duration and intensity of her gleeful, high spirited, caffeine-induced playfulness. Sally eventually left us many years ago between her morning and afternoon coffee.

Aunt Merle always said it was the coffee that helped Sally reach those older, golden years. I can’t help but think my Aunt Merle was right. This past Valentine’s Day, her birthday, Aunt Merle reached the golden age of 99. She still drinks her coffee everyday, too. In the morning, and in the afternoon.

Hurry up! Turn on the switch, pour in the water, and let’s make some coffee. I have a little catching up to do with my Aunt Merle – and Sally.

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