If you are a daily coffee drinker, it will come as little surprise to you that the caffeine in coffee will make you more alert and attentive, enabling you to better concentrate. So a new and similar
, drawn by expert John Stanley, professor of biochemistry at Trinity College, may not raise eyebrows too much, but it does warrant our attention: the caffeine found in coffee can increase physical and mental performance.

Stanley elaborates: if you drink coffee 20-30 minutes before aerobic exercise, you can boost your endurance by 30%. The caffeine found in coffee reverses feelings of fatigue, modulates perceived pain, and increases adrenaline production which in turn boosts heart rate, blood flow and stimulates energy production. All of these effects culminate into a 30% longer average workout duration. He also noted that the sports most-impacted by a spike in caffeine levels are swimming, tennis, and cycling.

This information is good to know, but what if you aren’t an athlete? A new poll out of London by Zip HydroTap reported that those who chose coffee over tea in the a.m. were more likely to earn a higher salary. Not only were the coffee drinkers the more executive-types, but they also exhibited a hot-headed and argumentative personality type vs. their laid back, tea-sipping counterparts. Does coffee drinking lead to a swifter move up the proverbial ladder or do successful types simply prefer the higher-caffeinated bitter taste of coffee over tea? The study does not say. It’s kind of a chicken-or-the-egg type question, in my opinion.

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