As more and more retail stores continue to drop the Paradise Iced Tea brand, Coffee Wholesale USA has a complete retail and commercial product line.

In mid 2012, the large California grocery store Ralph’s decided to discontinue their Paradise Iced Tea line. Ralph’s, a Kroger subsidiary, followed a recent trend away from in-store sales of Paradise tea. Five years before that, Trader Joe’s discontinued the Paradise Iced Tea brand, which upset many of their customers. As summer heats up, customers are craving their Paradise brand tea, and are finding it at

The tea was made popular after the Cheesecake Factory started serving it. As customers looked for a way to drink the tea at home, they found it online at Coffee Wholesale. Commercial customers, like convenience stores, churches, and government organizations also caught onto the trend and now look to Coffee Wholesale to supply their Paradise tea fix.  Customers are consistently giving Coffee Wholesale high marks on its selection of Paradise teas. Over the past few years, customers have raved over the tea with over 220, 5 star reviews and many note the tea is, “the best we have ever tasted!”

At CW-USA, we have a wide selection of retail and commercial size filter packs. As customers continue to crave the Paradise brand of iced tea, Coffee Wholesale USA continues to satisfy customers through online and phone channels.

To see the full selection of our Paradise Tropical Iced Tea, please visit:

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Or, you can call us weekdays 8am to 5pm CST toll free at (866) 570-0498.

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