Tea is full of antioxidants

Have you ever felt a bit euphoric after a strong cup of quality green tea? No, this is not a coincidence of any kind — instead, this phenomenon known as “tea drunk” or “tea-induced euphoria”
comes from a tiny little chemical unique to green tea: Theanine.

Theanine is an amino acid that makes up about half of the total amount of amino acids found in green tea. It adds to the aromatics and delicious flavor profile of green tea. Theanine promotes better absorption of antioxidants. Studies have shown that theanine has been found to enhance certain cancer-fighting drugs while reducing horrific side-effects.

Now for the fun part: If you drink a large cup of strong, freshly-picked green tea, you will notice some enjoyable psychoactive effects as well. Many people equate consumption of Theanine similar to the effects that would come from ingesting a small quantity of Valium. Theanine provides a relaxed state of alertness. It helps you calm down and focus. It has been studied for it’s ability to mitigate anxiety, mental, and physical stress as well as improving cognition and performance. Theanine works synergistically with caffeine to do so. It boosts alpha waves in the brain and increases levels of dopamine — a neurotransmitter that “helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers” as well as regulating emotions and emotional response. It is an all-natural “feel good” chemical produced inside the brain.

If you like the mood-boosting, stress-reducing, and stimulating feeling brought on by Theanine, you may be pleased to know that it has been extracted from green tea and is available as a supplement marketed as “L-Theanine” or “Suntheanine”, available at most vitamin and supplement shops. Or, you can just drink a couple cups of strong green tea. Pick from one of many brands and flavors of green tea on Coffee Wholesale. Bigelow and Pickwick green teas taste great, but if you are looking for a mood-boosting jolt, try a caffeinated green tea from Tazo (China Tips, Green Ginger, or Organic Chun Mee) or Mighty Leaf (Green Dragon, Jasmine, Hojicha, or Tropical Green). Brew longer for more noticable effects.

Have you ever experienced this feeling from an excellent cup of tea? We’d love to hear your experience with Theanine and mood-boosting green tea!

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