Every morning starts by opening the coffee maker and replacing that nasty, wet coffee filter filled with spent coffee grounds in the trash. Sometimes you miss and the wet grounds get all over the wall and the floor. Gross! Hopefully you can relate. If so, we’ve gathered together some ideas others have reused their spent coffee grounds. Enjoy!

Throw ’em in the compost. Worms will eat coffee grounds and the end result is healthy, damp, fertile soil! New Mexico coffee company, Durango, created the Durango Compost Company (from the Durango Coffee Company) and now also produces and sells compost.

Hooch! We will be incredibly impressed if you manage to pull this off… Scientists have found a way to turn spent coffee grounds into alcohol that smells like coffee and is 80 proof. If you figure this out, mail us some! For science!

Gardening. Spent grounds actually have a lot of nutrients and when mixed with soil, will release nitrogen as grounds degrade. Nitrogen helps plants grow thicker stocks!

Cleaning a hearth. Sprinkle over ashes in the fireplace to weigh ashes for easy cleanup.

Grow exotic mushrooms. Watch this nice little video on how grounds (as well as used filters!) can be mixed with spores in a mushroom farm.

DIY body scrub. Coffee grounds contain caffeine and antioxidants which can invigorate and soften the skin. This recipe uses coconut oil and brown sugar.

Sepia Dye. Grounds soaked in a little water makes a lovely brown tint for paintings and craft projects.

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