Baristas Coffee Company: Cool or Gross?

Burlesque/pin-up girl-themed coffee/espresso drive-thru chain “Baristas Coffee Company” features and only employes women who agree to wear what I would describe as borderline stripper attire. You know, the skanky stuff strippers wear before they strip it off. Some of it is lingerie. Employees are trained and encouraged to “interact with customers” (aka- flirt!) “for maximum sales”.

And yes, this is a chain. There are several locations in Seattle and around Washington, where the Coffee Company was founded, as well as in Montana, Arizona, and Florida. The newest location opened in Cape Coral, Florida this past weekend.From watching the video above, you can see that the ladies working the coffee machines and in the food prep area are probably violating a few food safety regulations. In fact, I would not be surprised if the whole chain went bankrupt after a class action lawsuit after thousands of victims found long, dyed blonde hairs in their iced lattes.

So what do you think? Is Baristas sexy and cool? Or just gross?

By: Alex Riesdorff (G+)

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