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Coffee and Your Health: Current Findings

One week we hear on the news that coffee has detrimental effects on the body; the next, we read on a blog that coffee reduces depression. With so much flip-flopping over coffee and its effect on your health, how … Continue reading

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Green Tea and the “Feel Good Float”

Have you ever felt a bit euphoric after a strong cup of quality green tea? No, this is not a coincidence of any kind — instead, this phenomenon known as “tea drunk” or “tea-induced euphoria” comes from a tiny little … Continue reading

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Fun Coffee Statistics

  It’s Tuesday: statistically the day that I drink the most coffee. My scientific proof is that I drink two cups except on Tuesdays. I indulge in three. I’m a creature of habit like that. This is a boring coffee … Continue reading

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Now on Coffee Wholesale: PG Tips!

Attention tea lovers: you will be uber pleased to know that we are in the process of expanding our tea selections on Coffee Wholesale to include fine artisanal teas (oolongs, pu ehrs, rose tips, mate) … and other delicious varieties like … Continue reading

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Why Morning May be the Worst Time to Drink Coffee

It’s official, we now know that the morning is not the best time for you to consume coffee. I mean, you can, and with real no side effects from doing so, but it isn’t the healthiest or most logical choice … Continue reading

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